Vance & Hines XR1200 Day 1 Qualifiers


The field of  XR1200 racers eagerly awaited their chance to get out on the track, only to have rain cancel the morning session. This was very disappointing for all the riders, especially for the guys that have never even ridden an XR1200. Luckily the rain passed before noon and shortly after all classes took their turn on the track. With only one official practice session, that meant it was straight to qualifiers. Dirt Track star Joe Kopp of the Latus Motors Racing team set the time to beat of a  2:10.673 on only his second lap. This was especially impressive considering Joe has never road raced before and only has a handful of rides under is belt on the XR.  However a lap later Joe experience a classic road race high side. He was uninjured but the bike was done for the day. It will be interesting to see how he bounces back from this in tomorrows race. Once Joe’s incident was cleared up veteran road racers Steve Rapp of the Parts unlimited team and Michael Barnes of the Parts team used their experience to take over the number 1 and 2 spots respectively.

15Steve RappHarley-Davidson XR1200FASTESTFASTEST2:08.31715234Michael BarnesHarley-Davidson XR12001.5151.5152:09.832633Joe KoppHarley-Davidson XR12002.3560.8412:10.6733419Chase McFarlandHarley-Davidson XR12003.3831.0272:11.70012524Travis WymanHarley-Davidson XR12003.6320.2492:11.94911655Chris FillmoreHarley-Davidson XR12003.6580.0262:11.97567123David EstokHarley-Davidson XR12004.3900.7322:12.707884Scott RussellHarley-Davidson XR12004.7250.3352:13.04210933Kyle WymanHarley-Davidson XR12004.8420.1172:13.15941070Paul JamesHarley-Davidson XR12004.8950.0532:13.212121160Michael BeckHarley-Davidson XR12006.2841.3892:14.60161217Paul SchwemmerHarley-Davidson XR12006.3400.0562:14.65781380Brett SassamanHarley-Davidson XR12006.4960.1562:14.8131314314Charlie LongHarley-Davidson XR12009.1282.6322:17.44551535Matthew HeidelHarley-Davidson XR12009.7260.5982:18.04371615Michael CorbinoHarley-Davidson XR120011.3651.6392:19.68251711Michael MorganHarley-Davidson XR120016.2724.9072:24.58941888Gerry SignorelliHarley-Davidson XR1200-no times–no times–no times-1


Check back again tomorrow for the second qualifier recap and the full rundown on the race!

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